Some pictures from our sailing trip in the Stockholm archipelago Summer 2012.

Loading up Amfitrite, a 35-footer we rented for a week.

Leaving Stockholm for the archipelago.

S casting off the mooring line. We are on our way!

L trying to figure out what is going on.

F taking the helm, now under sails.

Skipper and H tacking to the southwest.

F and S checking the jib's airfoil profile.

Reaching the outer bands.

Approaching Hallskär in the outer band.

Perfectly protected mooring location

Singing the good old songs

Cold water, 43 F, but who cares!

L scrubbing the new potatoes for the pickled herring - mandatory treat the first night out.

Sunset at about 10 pm.


S navigating through fog, using the GPS plotter

F and S taking it easy after we moored at Huvudskär.


Huvudskär's lighthouse was once a part of the Stockholm approach from the south.

Sunset at Huvudskär

H at the helm, heading for Sandhamn and re-supply.

Professional photographer at work.

Moored at Stora Nassa, the first of the outer skerries.

Typical outer archipelago formations.

Planning the day's route

Röder skärgård, a place you seldom have the opportunity to go, due to weather and difficult navigation.

H is working the jib between Röder and Norrpada.

What do you trust? What you see, the plotter or the navchart?

Norrpada revisited. A holy place for us.

F is fixing a broken jib halyard, saving the rest of the sailing trip.

There it is, threaded through the mast cavity.

Norra Lökaö, another holy place in the arcipelago.

Last night out. Fantastic week.